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PRSPD FIC: What Would You Be Willing To Do Prologue

I have finally finished a fic!! It's not the one I was trying to finish but at least I finished something. The entire draft is done. It just needs editing and it's only three chapters so I'll probably put up a chapter per day baring any unforeseen disasters.

Title: What Would You Be Willing To Do
Characters/Pairings: Jack & Z friendship
Rating: G
Summary: Jack must face the consequences of something he did five years ago.


The deep cocoa-coloured ridges between Jack’s eyes multiplied as he gazed intently at the object he held carefully at arm’s length. He turned it over in his hands trying out several angles before letting out a sigh.


“Okay. I give up. What is it?”


From across the table, Ally, his fellow crusader in the efforts to clothe the poor of Newtech City, smirked at him as she folded a pair of pants from the pile beside her. “It’s a shirt.”


He stuck a hand in one of the holes in the offending garment. “There are actually people with necks this small.”


“That’s for the arm.”


“Then what’s this for?” he demanded holding out a long thin bit that obviously formed a sleeve.


Ally shrugged. “The other arm?”


“And which way is up?”


Exasperated, she grabbed the shirt from him. “Well obviously, it goes… um…” She turned it over in her hands just as Jack had before. “Um…” Hearing a snort from the other side of the table, she tossed the bundle of cloth back in his face. “Just put it in the rag pile.”


“Yes, sir,” he replied still chuckling.


“And grab another bag of donations.”


The former red ranger headed over to the corner of the small warehouse where they had piled up the various donations they had received. The warehouse was a gift from the unexpectedly generous Piggy. It had become necessary as the truck proved no where big enough to accommodate them as word of their crusade got out and donations started pouring in, mostly, he believed, thanks to his many friends at SPD. Of course, some donations were better than others, hence the sorting.


Opening one of the garbage bags, he stuck his head in and immediately reeled back.

“We’ve got another smoker,” he announced gasping for some fresh air as he choked on the stale smell.  He tied the bag back up and began hauling it across the room. “I’ll just leave these by the washing machine for you to work your magic on.”


“You could always do it yourself,” she called back.


“Nah, it needs your special touch.”


“All it needs is a little…” Distracted by a noise, she stopped and turned towards the source of the sound.


Following her gaze, Jack let out one of his largest grins at the sight of three of his best friends entering the room. “Guys” The bag of laundry was forgotten as he headed over to meet the current red, blue and pink rangers. “Tired of the exciting life of crime fighting? Maybe you’d like to sort through the trash with me.”


He slowed in his approach as he realized his enthusiasm didn’t appear to be shared by his friends. Sky had his old steely cold mask on. Syd was gazing at the floor while Bridge glanced between the two of them fidgeting back and forth on his feet.


Jack felt his heart jump painfully in his chest. “Where’s Z? Has something happened? Is she okay?”


“No. No.” Syd stepped forward hands held up to stop his panicked deluge of questions. “She’s fine. She’s on another assignment across town.”


His breathing levelling out once more, Jack had to ask, “Then, what’s…”


“Well…” began Bridge. “We’re sorry, Jack, but Cruger sent us to… We came to… um… that is…”


“Jack Landers, you are accused of the theft of a shipment of the drug Bracktix from the Eltarian spacedock five years ago.” Sky lifted his morpher switching it to judgement scanning mode. “Guilty or innocent?”


The air stuck in his throat and his heart pounding, the former red ranger found himself unable to shake the feeling of vertigo from finding himself looking down the wrong end of the morpher that used to be his. Time seemed to slow down as he watched the lights flash on and off before finally settling into a red X.

Chapter 1

Tags: fanfic: prspd
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