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So apparently it's still possible for something to completely surprise me and blow my mind.

I can't believe it I finally post the first part of my 8th Doctor story and this happens. I really was not expecting this. I really hoped it would happen. I just didn't think it actually would. I did get spoiled just before I got to watch it. I unfortunately checked twitter first before anywhere else. I was wondering what all the fuss was over Paul McGann and at first thought it was a new audio they had put out; then I thought it was some amateur thing. I did not expect it to be official.

I definitely enjoyed it but it was kind of weird seeing McGann as the Doctor after all this time instead of just hearing him. I quite loved his wardrobe and am rather tempted to adjust the fic I'm writing accordingly even though he really should be in the leather coat in terms of the time frame for that. Of course what I love most is the fact that the Big Finish audios are now officially canon. They seriously deserve to be.

I was kind of upset when I first figured out that John Hurt essentially cut the 8th Doctor out of the Time War especially considering how it seems it may figure in the Day of the Doctor. Still think it might have been better if they'd just brought back McGann instead of bringing in Hurt, but I'm starting to like the idea of the 8th Doctor not being the one to fight in the Time War. I admittedly enjoy the angst of it, but I love the 8th Doctor and I don't really want him to turn into a soldier or commit genocide. Also in my mind (I'm starting to form my own headcanon already) the 8th Doctor was there at the start of the Time War and refused to fight and spent years going around trying to help people who were effected by the war. Still potential for lots of angst and interesting stories.

Sorry for rambling on. I don't usually but I've got all this excitement and no one to really share it with. It is extremely rare for me to be as hyper as I am now. Though I'm a fangirl, I'm not normally one to flail or squee, but right now I just want to go around giggling insanely.
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