Daylight (daylightfire) wrote,

I'm bad at posting

Somehow all the things I plan to post about never actually get written down and posted. Now I'm trying to think about all the things over the past month that I meant to write about.

Christmas was good. We saw the Les Miserable movie, exchanged presents, had dinner. None of my family is overly-enthusiastic about Christmas or has really gotten into the tradition of traveling far to have Christmas which means I usually just spend it with those few who live an hour or so away. This seems to be the geeky part of my family. Discussion at dinner included computers, video games, anime, fantasy novels, and Doctor Who.

New Year's resolutions: Um... read more, write more, dance more, and get a new pot for my bonsai tree.

I've mostly been writing Flashpoint and The Listener fanfics recently and then not posting them here because I don't think anyone on my f-list watches those shows. I'll probably post them anyway at some point and your f-lists will suddenly be overwhelmed with them. I hope to start working on a Flashpoint/The Listener crossover soon, and then when I done that maybe I'll work on editing my giant Doctor Who NaNoWriMo, and then maybe I'll tackle my unfinished Supernatural fics. Too many fandoms!! Too many plot bunnies!!
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